Connect Go

A secure, fully managed, and unobtrusive solution for managing BYOD use within your organisation. Delivered by Centrality, powered by Microsoft.

Connect Go by Centrality provides a highly secure Windows 10, iOS and Android based experience on devices that are owned by your users.  We leverage the power of services within Office 365 to ensure your users are secure, their devices compliant and, your data is entirely ringfenced.
Connect Go provides you with a flexible BYOD solution that does not compromise on security, which is fully cloud managed, requires no infrastructure deployment and can be deployed remotely in a matter of hours. 

Comprehensive Protection

Get protection from Microsoft’s EMS suite to ensure that your users and your data are protected with services such as Multi-Factor authentication, Conditional Access, and device health reporting. This prevents your users from bringing unknown and untrusted devices into your organisation’s Eco-system.

Ensure Productivity

Gain productivity without compromise. Employees benefit from using familiar apps and a consistent experience across any device, whether existing or provided under this service. We can help ensure your team has access to the same enterprise software on their own devices as they have on your organisation’s devices, at no extra cost.

Access anything, anywhere, anytime

Get the familiar Office experience on any device and work with your files anywhere. Apps and files are always up to date, so you can stay focused on your work. Your data can only be accessed from devices that are known secure and safe. Providing you comfort that your data is protected from being shared with other apps or being permanently stored on the local device.

Managed, Updated and Supported 24x7

We will help ensure that your team’s BYOD devices are kept healthy and secure and help your users should they have any problems. You can be rest-assured that we can implement this solution remotely and will manage this on your behalf, 24x7 from our UK head office.

How it works

We will work with you to quickly understand your requirements in each of the 4 areas below.  The combined service is then provided for a fixed per user, per month price. 


Employee/Pupil uses their personally owned device to access your organisation’s key services.

Secure Configuration

Tailored Connect Go configuration remotely deployed. “Audit first” allows users to resolve any existing issues prior to connection.


Centrality ensures that devices and users remain compliant. Proactive support and alerting from our SOC.


We can provide any additional Microsoft licenses that may be required. If you’re licensed already, we simply use what you have.

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