Cyber Security Services

We provide Microsoft cyber security services and network security services for
organisations in Bedford and Bedfordshire.

Centrality offers comprehensive Microsoft cyber security services, providing peace of mind and confidence in your online safety.

With the alarming increase in ransomware attacks and other cyber attacks, companies are now more vulnerable than ever before. In fact, it is estimated that over a third of companies will fall victim to a number of data breaches within the next two years.

To mitigate these security threats, it is crucial to enhance cyber security measures and implement proactive security solutions to safeguard sensitive data.  

Safeguarding our clients is our top priority. As trusted Microsoft Security Experts, our network security team utilises Microsoft 365 defender features to help you prevent security breaches.

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Expert Network Security Services

Need help safeguarding sensitive information while reducing costs? We can ease your tech burden, ensuring your valuable information is secure. Let us guide you with clarity and helpfulness.

Expert Cyber Security Services

Our expert cyber security services are available to evaluate and boost your security posture, strengthen your business risk management, and reinforce your security strategies. With our guidance you can confidently safeguard your business with robust protection.
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Managed Security Operations Centre

Would you like the peace of mind of knowing that your business can continue operating seamlessly, even in the event of a breach? Allow us to help you in ensuring business continuity.

IT Managed Security Operations Centre

Our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions bolster network, device, and cloud-based application security. We provide password management, multi-factor authentication, and more for unmatched protection. Empower your security measures and safeguard your invaluable assets.
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IT Security Assurance Programme

Would you like assistance in effectively managing the ever-changing cyber threats that could potentially affect your business? We are here to offer you clarity, expertise, and support in navigating this intricate landscape.

IT Security Assurance Programme

Our Security Assurance Programme enhances your IT team's security posture. Our Security Experts closely collaborate with your team, offering expert guidance and support. Together, we strengthen your security measures for optimal protection and professionalism.
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Security Operations Centre - SOC Trial

Would like assistance in identifying genuine threats, risks, and vulnerabilities that may exist within your business? Our expertise can assist you in uncovering and effectively addressing them.

Security Operations Centre - Free Trial

Are you open to benefiting from our Security Operations Centre service? Take advantage of a no-commitment 3-month free trial! With our expert guidance, gain invaluable insights into your business's security risks and threats. Join us for a seamless experience.
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Centrality: Making Cyber Security a Priority!

We prioritise the strength of collaboration with our customers enabling us to efficiently address your business and security risks. This, in turn, allows you to dedicate your efforts towards expanding your enterprise while enjoying complete peace of mind.

Our highly qualified staff, who have undergone rigorous security vetting, undergo continuous training to maintain their expertise in delivering outstanding end-user experiences. Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we conduct surveys after every interaction to ensure that we consistently provide the highest level of service.

We offer exceptional cybersecurity services that cater to organisations of all sizes, from small enterprises to renowned blue-chip companies in both the private and public sectors. Our team of dedicated security and cyber experts work seamlessly alongside your trusted team, providing unparalleled expertise and assistance whenever needed.

Delivering 5 Star Security Services

What is Phishing?

Phishing emails, a prevalent form of cybercrime, involve fraudulent attempts to deceive individuals into sharing sensitive information such as passwords or financial data. 

These deceptive emails often mimic trustworthy sources, making it challenging to identify them amidst the influx of daily messages. It is crucial for individuals in your organisation to stay vigilant and employ effective security measures to protect themselves against these malicious tactics.

It is always a good idea to deliver security awareness training in your organisation to prevent malicious software arriving on to your network or endpoint devices, unwittingly.


Case Study: Charlie Bighams

We know exactly where we stand on budget, the threats we face and the roadmap of where we're going next. An absolutely exceptional SOC service. I know that the Centrality team get up each day and do the very best for us.

Simon Rolfe, IT Director

Oxford University Said Business School 600px

University of Oxford: Saïd Business School

Centrality is a strategic partner of Saïd Business School, offering trusted IT services. We provide support and maintenance for Data Centre, Office365, Email, Managed Desktop and Out of Hours Service Desk. Our approach delivers highly resilient services at competitive rates, while keeping security front and centre.

Enhance your organisation's cybersecurity with Centrality and Microsoft - the definitive solution for unwavering protection.

With a track record spanning over two decades, Centrality has established itself as a dependable ally in delivering cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to clients, particularly those operating in regulated environments. Our unwavering expertise brings peace of mind and a multitude of advantages to our esteemed clients.
  • Get first class IT security services from our team of expert Microsoft consultants based in the UK.
  • Our team is Staff thoroughly vetted in accordance BPSS
  • Working with a partner experienced in sectors such as PCI and SC clearance
  • Unlimited access to Microsoft Premier Support
  • Service that complies with UKAS ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials +
  • Monthly security reporting allows for complete transparency
  • Experience spanning across sectors and diverse customer needs

Enhance your organisation’s cyber security capabilities with Centrality and Microsoft – the unrivalled solution. Discover its advanced features, empowering you to protect your data and critical assets with cutting-edge technology. Don’t wait, seize the opportunity to take proactive control of your security requirements today with real time security solutions from Microsoft and Centrality.

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