A look at the different industries we cover

The specific information technology demands of larger organisations are thoroughly understood by Centrality, thanks to many years delivering services to a range of businesses and organisations in the professional services market.

Scalability, flexibility, compatibility and reliability are core features of Centrality’s bespoke enterprise class systems. As there is no question that collaboration must be straightforward and mobile working uncomplicated, our dedicated enterprise class solution design team has mastered the creation of systems, applications and platforms that are powerful enough to encompass all of these features, whilst ensuring absolute security from leaked data and external threats. In other words, robust solutions that are genuinely enterprise class and that are flexible enough to meet the particular needs of individual departments within any one organisation.

Solutions for the Hospitality & Retail Sectors

In the hospitality and retail sectors, customer touch-points are multi-faceted. Centrality’s experience in delivering IT solutions within these industries is vast and we are proud to have continued to be associated with some of the UK’s most renowned hospitality and retail names.

Our experts understand the importance of enriching the customer experience which today has of course become multi-channel. We fully appreciate that the focus needs to be on staying competitive, enhancing operational efficiency and boosting market share. Our solution and design development teams have niche expertise in building these objectives into our clients’ systems. That is precisely why Centrality works with its clients in these industries on an individual and fully tailored basis.

Specialist Expertise in Education Sector IT

In the education sector data security is crucial. Information technology solutions must be designed around mitigating risk and staying within regulatory constraints. Centrality has been working alongside educational institutions for a number of years. Our understanding of this sector carries exceptional weight nationwide.

Much of our work in this sector is based around delivering professional assistance in aligning an institution’s IT services with its business strategies. Our commercial approach means our clients are guaranteed swift response rates and in depth strategic guidance when it comes to making crucial business decisions. We are aware of the importance of practical, impartial advice and of the need in many cases to work with tact and diplomacy. Solution development for this sector focuses on integrated systems that enable collaborative environments so that users can work remotely, without barriers.


Experts in IT Solutions for the Financial Services Sector

Centrality has been designing and implementing IT solutions within the finance services sector for several years. With a strong focus on minimising risk and maximising control, our clients have always retained the assurance that security is at the heart of everything we deliver.

Centrality places great value in driving the success of its clients’ businesses. Our experts know that optimising the customer experience is paramount to this success. IT delivery models must be reactive, and much of our solution development revolves around ensuring this is the case. Our experience in the finance sector has seen our experts haul legacy systems into the 21st century, mobilising and optimising work management processes whilst at the same time balancing risk and cost.


Revolutionising IT in the Health, Fitness & Leisure Sector

Having built up a nationally respected reputation amongst some of the UK and Europe’s most renowned health, fitness and leisure organisations, businesses in this sector are able to tap into exceptional knowledge and hands-on direction.

Our experts specialise in bespoke solutions designed around the core ambitions of the business. Centrality’s health, fitness and leisure IT solutions have been implemented across numerous single and multi-site operations throughout the UK and Europe and are geared towards providing a data secure environment for multiple users. We understand the importance of operational and financial efficiencies in this sector and the benefits of being able to store, share and use club information on an any time any place basis using a range of in-house managed devices.

Established IT Providers to the Public Sector

Centrality has for many years held a number of enduring contracts with public sector organisations. With an acute awareness of budgeting constraints we have honed exceptional skills in reducing central costs whilst delivering a premium level user experience.

A key element of our public sector partnerships is ensuring technology services are kept up to date and that comprehensive support capable of handling high call volumes is in place. Heavy emphasis is placed on user and business security and we work closely with individual departments to assess requirements and develop flexible yet secure solutions. Our public sector analysis and solution teams help our clients modernise their working practices, guiding through expertise and keeping a meticulous eye on mitigating risks. We can bring organisations in line with Government ICT strategy and have an in-depth understanding of Crown procedures and procurement systems. Centrality is ISO certificated.

Your sector not featured?

Centrality’s experts have a versatile knowledge bank and a natural affinity for applying what they know to any situation and any sector, however unique. We regularly take the lead in developing solutions across a broad spectrum of business types so if you haven’t seen your particular industry covered here, that’s not to say we can’t take the reins on your project. It’s all about bringing together the right teams for the right jobs, and that’s something that the people at Centrality do very well.

So if you’d like to speak to us on an individual basis about how we can assist your business with its IT strategy, please contact us to discuss further.

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