Data Centre Migration

Transform your services with Azure

Many organisations have a multitude of infrastructures including on premise, private cloud, AWS and perhaps even in Azure and want help to create a unified infrastructure strategy. Some organisations even want the flexibility to have a multi cloud strategy for compliance reasons, and disaster recovery.

Regardless of where you are currently at, Centrality are your trusted partner who can help make sense of the ever growing complex Cloud landscape, and ensure you get the right solution just for you.

We follow a three steps process to Envision, Onboard and Drive Value, to continually innovate:

The Centrality BluePoint Process

As part of the envision step we undertake a BluePoint Review that ensures you benefit from the right outcome as part of any Datacentre Migration. We do not just lift and shift your existing work loads, we assess what each workload is and then work with you to understand the right go forward destination.

Each service or workload has its own journey which we will manage for you as part of your overall strategy.  Examples of this include:

  • Migration to Platform as as Service
  • Migration to SQL as a Services
  • Migration to Software as a Service
  • Migrate to the application vendor Software as a Service.
  • Decommission

For each service we will agree a migration approach that delivers the least risk and zero downtime to enable you to start benefiting as quickly as possible.  Once you are at your target end state we will then help you leverage the wider service capabilities in Azure to deliver even greater business transformation. 

As you move from legacy services to Azure we will work with you to transform your team. The skills, capabilities of what is required to manage a Cloud, are different. We will help you unleash these skills, to move from managing servers, to adding real business value to your organisation.  

As we offer a Proactive 24×7 Service to manage your Azure infrastructure, or complement your team, you will be safe in the knowledge that your infrastructure will always be available

What benefits can you expect from a Data Centre Migration?

- Move from CAPEX to Opex and pay only for what you need
- Reduction in support & administration overhead as you move from managing servers to services
- Increased flexibility, shorter innovation cycles using services just as you need them
- Increased resilience, availability, security and governance.
- Take advantage of a growing eco-systems of ‘connected’ services

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