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The threat landscape for companies is increasing in complexity, as well as possible attack vectors, with both internal and external vulnerabilities being exploited by Cyber Criminals. Over 92% of medium to large business see Cyber Security as a high priority.

Centrality offer the only full professional end to end security service for small business in the market today. Our Professional Services team led by our CISO assess your security position, support the development of your business risk management and security strategy and work with you to deploy the right solutions alongside your current technology and cloud investment to best support the protection of your data giving you more time to focus on your business and growth.

Our Professional Services team will help you save significant spend bringing your technology and security spend together with a single preferred supplier. As well as reducing the technology burden and spend we will provide awareness briefings and trainings ensuring your staff are engaged and up to date and we will help you design, test and implement your response plans, ensuring you are comfortable with how you and your team will respond in the event of an incident or crisis.


Risk and Security Assessment

We will work with you to assess your risks and security status through a combination of remote assessment tools such as Microsoft Secure score and by interviewing key people within your business. We will present a clear assessment, adding industry and UK context, so you know how you fare alongside your competition, we will provide you with insight as to where security and risk concerns your clients and customers may have. We will identify clear opportunities to enhance your risk and security strategy and to inform your technology road map ensuring you build on your security and manage spend with clarity.

Risk and Strategy

Centrality professional services will help you refine your risk management and strategy having completed a detailed assessment of your business and risk. Your strategy leads your engagement with your staff, your clients and potential clients and across your supply chain, ensuring you are in control. Centrality will support and help you deliver your strategy, with regular reports on progress to your board and to investors. We believe our services, as your single preferred technology and security partner, will reduce your overheads and risk allowing you to unlock business potential building new business through client’s confidence in your approach to risk and security.

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Security Awareness

Did you know over 80% of all data breaches are the result of our employees simply not being aware of the risks your business faces day-to-day. The good news is that these can be prevented with regular awareness training, saving your business the cost of recovery, today averaging at £3.17m following a major breach. Centrality’s Professional Services will help you lead this with regular awareness briefings and training to ensure your staff are engaged and aware. Employee engagement will ensure your business is much less likely to be caught out.

Response Planning

In May 2018 with the implementation of GDPR came a legal requirement to have a tried and tested incident response plan in place. This is especially important today as business has only 72 hours to notify regulators of a breach and of the actions they are taking to address the breach. Most businesses still do not have response plans in place. Centrality will help you design and implement your response and communications plans, testing these with you at least once each year, to ensure you are always confident you can respond to incidents, leaving you time to run and grown your business.


Protecting Data

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) remains vitally important, ensuring European data subjects rights are respected. Business have clear obligations to safeguard personal data. Do you have an up to date Data Protection Policy that has been updated to support GDPR? And do you know where your personal and other sensitive data resides? Is this data secure? Centrality can help you develop your Data Protection and Data Classification policies and technology to better identify and protect your sensitive information. The good news is, as an established Microsoft Solutions Partner we can leverage our vast expertise and all the tools we are expert in to give you the reassurance that your data is protected and visibility of where your data is, allowing you to focus on running your business.


Identity and Access Management

It’s important your staff are able to access your data in the right way and with the controls that you want in place to ensure your data is protected. As Microsoft Solutions Partners our Professional Services team will work with you to ensure the right security measures are in place to protect your business. Our expertise and use of Microsoft tools will not only better secure your business, but will also reduce the hidden costs carried by many businesses in poor security, including an over reliance on passwords. We will deploy the very latest Microsoft tools enabling you to be more secure and save thousands of hours lost each year on outdated requirements, including overuse of passwords.


Many businesses are not aware of the threats they face day to day until they fall victim to an incident or crisis. As Microsoft Solutions Partners and established technology experts our Professional Services team will leverage Microsoft threat management and information protection tools, such as Sentinel to help you spot and fix threats quickly and efficiently before they become that crisis. We will help you spot trends and use this data to adapt your security and awareness program ensuring business learnings building on performance.



We think it's crucial, as your technology and security partner that we provide you with regular updates on performance against spend and delivery of your strategy. These enable you to assess value add against your investment and help you review your road map and future planning. Our CISO led Professional Services team will meet with your regularly to discuss services and results and will be available to report to your investors or board where you think helpful.

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