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Strategic consulting services that deliver expert guidance to your business

The threat landscape for companies is increasing in complexity, as well as possible attack vectors, with both internal and external vulnerabilities being exploited by Cyber Criminals. Over 92% of medium to large business see Cyber Security as a high priority.

Centrality offer the only full professional end to end security service for business in the market today. Our Professional Services team led by our Chief Information Security Officer, supported by a team of privacy, risk and security experts can assess your security position. We can support the development of your business risk, security strategy and work with you to deploy the right solutions alongside your current technology and cloud investment to best support the protection of your data giving you more time to focus on your business and growth.

Our Professional Services team help you save significant cost bringing your technology and security spend together with a single preferred supplier. As well as reducing the technology burden and cost we will provide awareness briefings and trainings ensuring your staff are engaged and up to date. We can also help you design, test and implement your response plans, ensuring you are comfortable with how you and your team will respond in the event of an incident or crisis.

Expert Consulting Services

A flexible range of services that can be purchased as individual engagements or packaged to form a service

Security & Risk Strategy

Specialist guidance to design, deliver your risk management strategy to ensure your board and investors receive regular updates on risk, exposure, privacy and return on investment

Cyber & Privacy Strategy

Expert consultancy working at Board and Executive level to help you with your business governance and compliance in relation to Cyber, Privacy and Security.

Incident Response & Planning

Help to design, implement and test a response plan that will ensure your compliant with GDPR legal requirements and ensure your confident you can respond to incidents should they happen.

Privacy & Security Policies

Expert guidance and consultancy on your approach to GDPR and privacy. Assisting with data compliance, privacy and policy to ensure you meet your legal obligations

Business Continuity
& Disaster Recovery

With the average cost of data breach being over £3M. We will design, deliver, train and test and maintain your plans to ensure they are always up to date to prevent an incident becoming a crisis.

Staff Privacy & Security Awareness

Expert guidance to ensure you have the necessary policies, they meet current legislation, and provide appropriate staff training to ensure your staff are engaged.

Supply Chain Icon

Supply Chain Risk Management

Expert assessment of your supply chain to assess the risk, providing guidance and advices to minimise your business risk and exposure.

Cyber, Privacy
Return on Investment

Independent assessment of your technology and business spend on cyber and security to ensure your achieving maximum return on investment and value for money.

A trusted team

Certified and experienced industry experts you can rely on to provide trusted guidance and assistance.

The Centrality Security Consulting practice comprises of a range of industry expert consultants with many years experience, each a specialist in their field. The team consists of experts that have extensive experience working across multiple industry sectors. Skills and capabilities include:

  • Virtual Chief Information Security Officer
  • PCI Industry Data Security Standards
  • Legal & Contract Due Diligence
  • Certified Information Security Management
  • ISO 27001:2013 Standards/Auditing
  • Data Security Standards
  • Certified in Data Protection
  • SOX
  • Privacy 

Many of the team have backgrounds in law enforcement, the field of Intelligence and Security, Military and have worked to advise both UK and overseas governments, Europol, Eurojust and other European agencies. The team have worked with businesses across nearly every industry sector, both large and small and are adept in ensuring the right approach for each specific business. 

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Security Assurance Programme

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