Windows 10

The most secure version of Windows ever

Your employees can get more done when they’re working in the ways they want. Centrality IT provides Windows 10 services completely tailored to however, wherever and whenever they like to work.

Choosing the right Windows 10 services provider isn’t as simple as it seems. Your operating system is an extremely complicated piece of software and as it’ll be supporting every function of your IT infrastructure, you can’t afford to get it wrong.

At Centrality, we use our expertise and experience to deploy Windows 10 in a way that not only gives your employees the best tools for their job, but also interacts seamlessly with every other aspect of your IT infrastructure; providing the functionality, performance and security your business needs to save money and work more intelligently.

Our Windows 10 services are designed to run on devices of every shape and size, so there’s more flexibility and choice than ever when it comes to putting together your IT systems. Centrality can also help you put together the right mix of hardware, software and services, to work with Windows 10.

The best tools for your organisation

Designed to work with the devices that best serve your business, Windows 10 brings the latest features to the equipment you already own – so there’s no need to wait until your next hardware update to take advantage.

If you are ready for the latest in device innovation, Windows 10 is designed to work seamlessly with the newest hardware, whether that’s mouse and keyboard, touch, pen and ink, or voice. And any refinements are available almost instantaneously via the cloud via the ‘Windows as a Service’ approach.

A more consistent experience

When you sit down to work on Windows 10 everything feels familiar even if you’re using it for the first time. That’s because it’s built to deliver a familiar experience, whatever device you’re using with the same interface, apps, security and management system, all optimised to get more from your machine.

Whether you’re working on your phone, tablet, Surface Pro or desktop the best screen to work on is always the screen you have in front of you. And with Microsoft OneDrive you’re always working from the most current version of your documents.

A more productive experience

Thanks to Windows 10’s improved wake and boot times you’ll never need more than 2 minutes to log in to key systems so it’s no surprise that business users estimate they’re taking advantage of an extra 25% of their working day that was previously unavailable.

Increased productivity isn’t held-up by simple IT delays either, with end-users now granted permission to perform simple IT tasks like resetting passwords, installing software, or updating apps.


Continuous innovation

Managing and deploying enterprise technology has been historically inefficient but with Windows 10 you’ll always be up to date thanks to a continuous stream of innovation that’s now available through the cloud, instead of physical updates to software and hardware.

Breakthroughs in security that tackle threats as they emerge are constantly patched into your system and a continuous refinement of apps and other technology can now be managed by trusted users who are granted specific permissions – without you needing to make a single click.

Cost savings

By removing or automating many inefficient processes, Windows 10 helps lower your IT costs and administrators have noticed a 20% improvement in IT management time, with much less reliance on third-party software.

Despite these reductions in cost and energy, security management and overall administration has been greatly improved thanks to inplace deployment and more self-service functions.

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