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The perfect security suite for organisations using the Microsoft cloud and more

Finding the right security for your organisation is key to unleashing the potential of the modern workplace. If businesses want to reap the rewards of flexible working and cloud collaboration, they need to make sure their digital assets and IT infrastructure have appropriate security settings.

Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) is the perfect solution for organisations building a modern workplace using Microsoft technology, from Windows 10 to Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Surface devices, and more. In fact, for these businesses, EMS should be considered a ‘must-have’. If you already understand the importance of such a security solution you might also know that there are two versions of EMS available.

Surveying the cybersecurity landscape

In recent years, the cybersecurity threat has increased for businesses of all sizes, as the methods available to hackers have become more sophisticated. The real concern is how common these attacks are and just how many businesses have been affected. Recent research found that 54% of businesses suffered cyberattacks in 2017. Perhaps even more alarming is reports that seven out of ten businesses remain ill-prepared for dealing with the latest attacks.

The cost of being on the receiving end of an attack is staggering for business – whether it’s downtime, productivity loss, damage to assets, theft of information, losing customers to your competition, reputational damage or regulatory fines. Businesses need to take the threat seriously and a robust strategy is required. One of your first steps should be to invest in a security solution like EMS that protects the modern workplace.


What is Enterprise Mobility + Security?

EMS is a comprehensive security solution aimed at helping organisations protect the technology integral to modern working while keeping them productive. It includes mobile app and device management, information security and protection, desktop virtualisation and identity-driven security. EMS is made up of a number of components:

- Azure Active Directory
- Azure Information Protection
- Microsoft Intune
- Advanced Threat Analytics
- Cloud App Security

In the modern workplace, where employees are given more freedom to work where they want and how they want, there are risks. It can be much harder for IT staff to manage all the devices or apps employees are using and to make sure they are all secure. When employees are accessing company data outside of the office (e.g. on their commute, in coffee shops or at meetings with clients) there’s an increased risk of vulnerable networks being compromised by bad actors.

Some businesses choose to compensate by reducing the amount of freedom given to their employees by imposing strict security measures. These measures can limit productivity, such as restricting the sharing of documents or blocking Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) from the company network. Each component of EMS is designed to give you control over security without having to compromise on productivity.

The differences between EMS E3 and EMS E5

Microsoft has two separate packages of EMS for businesses to choose from. EMS E3 is the base version of EMS, offering everything businesses need to secure their modern workplace.

E3 contains everything an organisation needs to protect its digital assets but EMS E5 takes this one step further, providing risk-based protection powered through machine learning, intelligent data classification, and advanced identity-driven security and control over cloud app use as well as automatic data classification.


EMS E3 Vs E5: which is right for you?

This all depends on your organisation. EMS E3 provides a robust security solution and will facilitate productive working without compromise and with peace of mind.

However, EMS E5 offers that extra level of security. As mentioned earlier, the cybersecurity landscape is always changing as cybercriminals look for ways around current security countermeasures. EMS E5 may be more expensive but offers an intelligent edge to fight against the unpredictable nature of cybercrime. By seeking to anticipate risks and by adding intelligence to your security set up, it gives you the best chance to defend against the latest attacks.

Every business is different. There are several factors that determine which option is best for your organisation; for instance, the size of your business, the number of employees, the industry you work in, or the budget set aside for security.

At Centrality we are focussed on helping organisations get the most return on investment from their IT. With 20 years’ experience providing Microsoft solutions to a range of customers, we are a certified Microsoft Solutions Partner. We understand every facet of the Microsoft ecosystem, knowing what works and what doesn’t for different organisations. Our expert technicians work closely with you to decide the best plan of action, deploying IT, and providing on-going assistance and around-the-clock support to keep your systems running optimally.

To stay secure in a world of increasing cybersecurity threats, businesses need to be serious and smart about security. Investing in EMS helps businesses make the most of the modern workplace by providing identity-driven protection without compromising on productivity.

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